Is there a way to make charging stations cheaper?
Reduce the cost
The charging controller is the main unit that forms the cost of the charging station. It uses expensive microchips and sophisticated embedded software. We remove complex solutions from client devices to server-side data processing. Cloud exactly means it
Up-to-date functionality
Technologies are updating rapidly. Plug&Charge, voice assistants, remote control, dynamic power balancing, integration with power management systems, spot pricing for energy - we don’t know what will be in demand tomorrow, but it will be definitely available for your Chargetronic.Cloud
Nothing unnecessary. Pay only that you used
The charging station is purchased for years, during which time scenarios of use may change. Chargetronic.Cloud solution allows you to connect certain features and pay only for the time you use them. This is a subscription, and you can choose exactly what you need
Chargetronic.Cloud charging stations are constantly connected via 5G network to the management server, which executes the charging session data processing algorithms. This allows you to reduce the requirements for the hardware of the client device, and give the user the opportunity to independently choose the functionality necessary for him
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